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Accept credit and Debit cards at your retail store or retail location.

Virtual Terminal

Take card and check payments over the phone or face-to-face on secure online platform.

Integrated Payments

We offer several credit card processing products that integrate seamlessly with industry-leading accounting software.


Enable customers to make purchases with secure online shopping carts.

Mobile Payments

Take payments anywhere with a portable, wireless, mobile card reader.

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Merchant Services

Merchant Services →

From EMV-ready solutions to advanced point of sale systems, our products are customizable and may be tailored exclusively to each of our business partners. By extending the latest solutions and programs, we ensure businesses like yours can seamlessly adopt emerging payment methods without exceeding your budget.

Partner Programs

Partner Programs →

Nobody knows payments better than VIP! We continuously evolve our service offerings to meet the expanding needs of our business partners. Providing all of the payment services you’ll ever need under one roof, we deliver customizable solutions and resources to grow and empower businesses nationwide.