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Sage 100 Integrated Level 3 Payment Processing: Save Time and Money

Sage 100 Payment ProcessingHave you heard the term “Level 3” used in relation to Sage 100 ERP integrated payments? Do you know what it means? We’ll outline what this term means and highlight the benefits, including how to save transaction fees, by properly adhering to Level 3 payment processing.

What does the term 'Level 3' mean?

Level 3, or ‘line-item detail,’ is detailed transaction data your system passes when a payment card is used for a specific purchase. Transaction details such as item purchased, quantity purchased, and other merchant-specific order information is included.Typically, this information is made available when the purchaser uses any card that is issued for a specific type of business purchase by a business or government agency. These include government-issued cards, business, or corporate purchasing cards.

Sage 100 Credit Card Processing


Why it matters to you

If you have customers that are government agencies, most mandate Level 3 information so they can monitor purchases. Similarly, other businesses that you transact with on a regular basis will most likely require this at some point if they use purchasing cards. The use of purchasing cards among mid-sized business is one of the fastest growing payment methods. Passing Level 3 data today will mean you’ll never have to turn away a customer who asks for this level of detail with their purchases.

Benefits of Sage 100 Integrated Level 3 Payment Processing

There are multiple benefits of integrating Level 3 line item detail into your Sage 100 ERP, including:

  • Lower transaction fees
  • Save time by eliminating manual entry of Level 3 data per transaction
  • Add Level 3 data to each invoice payment for your customers
  • Sell to any customer with a purchase card or to a government agency

How To Get Started

While this may sound intimidating, getting started doesn’t have to be difficult. Look for an ERP already enabled to capture and pass the Level 3 details required. The system should automatically gather the data and send it with the card transaction when necessary without you doing anything extra. It will be easy to supply your customers with the extra information they need to make good business decisions and save yourself some money as well.

The other easy way to get started is to find an expert to guide you. VIP is a leading provider of integrated payment technology solutions to North American merchants, differentiated by their strategic partnerships and multiple platform model. VIP provides a broad suite of end-to-end payment solutions and superior US-based customer support. They have spent more than 10 years integrating and developing relationships.

VIP’s credit card processing solutions integrate seamlessly with your ERP/accounting system, allowing you to accept credit card payments inside your software. The integration automatically posts payments to invoices, so there’s no need to go back into your program at the end of the day to reconcile your invoices or balance your general ledger. How much time could that save you every day?

Contact the experts at VIP Integrated Payments today to start saving time and money with Sage 100 Level 3 credit card payments. You can reach VIP by phone at (888) 791-9390 ext. 101, or email them at info@vipintegratedpayments.com.